We offer full and comprehensive ebook publishing services. This includes:

  1. Editing.
  2. Designing.
  3. Publishing your Ebook.
  4. Promotion and sales partnership/contract.

We have a collective team experience of over 10 years in editing, digital marketing, sales, digital publishing, and designs. When you sign us up, we are committed to representing your best interest!

Submit a synopsis of your story below and we will get back to you.

Publishing Outcomes

  1. Editing
  2. KDP and PDF compilation.
  3. Cover Designs
  4. Publishing on Amazon, cfwriterz and Okadabooks (optional).
  5. Reviews, Sales and Promotions

There are three (3) ways to publish with us:

  1. On your own (free): You can submit your complete pdf and start selling on our platform. If you want to do this on your own, it’s free. Simply follow the instructions on the submissions page.
  2. cfwriterz publishing (Includes a fee): You can submit your files and admin will take you through the publishing journey. Send your files below. Then pay our service fee of #60,000 (Sixty thousand naira, only)/$170. Pay with the form below and await our response.
  3. If you have designed and compiled your own ebook but need admin to help you upload, the fee to pay below is N5,000/$15. Add “I want a cfwriterz cover design” in your synopsis if you don’t have one yet. Alternatively, visit the submissions page to do the upload yourself for FREE.



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Interview Features

We at cfwriterz.com, an African literary platform have commenced on a project to profile top writers, editors, and publishers across Africa. We would like to interview you for this purpose. Here’s the form you have to fill for this interview https://forms.gle/vAwQx3Xkx4xSbTC98. It’s simple and easy. We will notify you once your interview is published in the year. Also, we have limited slots for features in our Biannual Magazine which has received international readership and attention for the past two years of publication. We have collaborated with and promoted this magazine through top platforms like TSS Publishing UK, Okadabooks, Amazon, Pelleura, ThisDay online, Commonwealth Writers and many others. At a discounted fee of N5,000/$15 we will feature your interview in our coming issues. With over 5,000 downloads, and much more in our online readership, we want to collaborate to bring your work to more readers. The proceeds of this go to our literary prize and volunteer team. Thank you. Only the magazine feature is paid. Your feature on our website is absolutely free.

For any other inquiries, message us via the contact page. Join the cfwriterz facebook community

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