The Surgeon Chronicles. Ep.1

It had been a dream. Thank God. I looked around me, it was still dark and the uncompleted building where I slept creaked noisily as the rain beat on it from every side.
I was used to the darkness. Hell, I even loved it. But something was not right tonight. I tried not to dwell on that dream; that was all it was: a dream.
I felt that familiar tingle run through my body; The one that warned me of an oncoming danger.
I picked up my shirt and groped for my gun. Killing that guy last night had been a stupid mistake. Stupid because now I was down to 3 bullets and I’d lost a cartridge while fleeing.
Three bullets would just have to do. I looked out through the small window; the sky lit up suddenly as a flash of lightening ripped through it. I was nervous and the weather wasn’t helping.

I heard a sound come from the floor below. I was sure now that I wasn’t alone. I stood up quickly and listened;
It could be petty thieves or drug dealers, I thought to myself. No, I hoped.
It certainly couldn’t be Snake and his boys. They couldn’t have tracked me so fast. I was always careful; that was why they called me the Surgeon.
Clutching the gun tightly and walking out into the stairway, the darkness on my side, I peered through a door and saw the flashlights.
“I saw him come in here.” An elderly man’s voice said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I am the night watchman in this area. I to urinate, and then I saw someone run in there.”

“Shit.” I cursed silently and withdraw back into the small room. I could still hear the voices mumbling below.
What to do, what to do.
“Ugh, Surgeon, you’re such a flunk,” I scolded myself.
I could always wait for them to go, but they knew I was here, so that might not be an option. Who was ‘they’ anyway? I asked myself.
“I hear something!” Someone whispered
“Up there. Come on, Wolf.”

Here goes nothing. I plaster myself to the wall, hidden by the darkness. I watch the first man pass; he was so close I could literally smell him.
They were just two, I realized. I knew now that it was Snake’s men. That guy’s name, Wolf, gave it away.
I waited for the second guy to pass and then I stepped out behind him.
I’m bare footed, so I don’t worry about making any sound.
I took a deep breath and with two quick steps lurched forward and smacked the guy on the back of his knee.
He let out a loud groan and try to turn, I hook my hand under is armpit and land a punch into the side of his neck. I hear a snap and watch the body drop to the floor.

A lone streak of lightening lights up the corridor; I’m staring right at the first guy. The only thing between us is a few feet and a dead guy.
He has a gun. I notice.
Seconds later, it was dark again. Now was my chance.
I made the first move. I’d been thought that he who made the first move, had the upper hand.
The room lit up again, a flash and a bang this time. I moan a little as I feel the bullet graze my arm. It’s not enough to stop me.
I had my heavy arm around his neck before he could fire a second. I could end it right now, but what fun would that be.
I marry my fists to his nose and make sure they stay married. Twisting his arm to his back, I smash his face into the wall. Then, I had a second thought and I grab ‘lil nurse, my gun, and fire twice into his gut.
I fire the last bullet just for the hell of it. Breathing hard now, I suddenly longed for my bed and a beer. I planned on getting them now.
The rain beat down hard on my face; its refreshing. I pick up my phone and called Jones. It was time for a mission.


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