Junne: …..I am the girl who wants more and I think you’re too laid back


Chuck: I’m the guy who wonders….

Wonder why she thinks I’m laid back but then, I just got back…


Junne: He is so ordinary.

It was a different him that day at the Park. With a smile So sweet he said hello.

He was a wild one

Phenomenal, yet simple

I just knew I wanted to be with no one else


Chuck: ….She thinks I’m the good guy, up so high she held me, down below I was, look at me I said but all to myself. If only she’d hear the cracking sound of how broken I was…


Junne: He’s happy but I’m not

Can’t he see I’m screaming in silence?

Understanding and trust, he sings all the time. What about love?


Chuck: The yells are undertone….

What about love?

What about feeling ?

How I once thought I’d be happy ever after? What about now, this feelings, like broken glasses over the place

…. Would I trust to hold on some more? Should I just sit and stare until she gives up on my brokenness ?

It breaks my heart she thinks I’m happy…

It hurts me more to think she thinks I can’t hear screams in silence…


Junne: Can’t you see how much I want to feel it? To feel that you love me just like I do you?

Can’t you see my dreams of you and I are shattered beyond redemption. What about the time I thought our love was strong and our future brighter than the sun.

Now, the clouds are all I see, even in the cloudiness, I search relentlessly for you but you can see me and you don’t reach out.


Chuck: Just when I thought clarity was nigh, just when I thought I found someone who needed me for who I am, a broken mess to be seen beautifully… just when I thought you’d given up before the break of dawn… you zoned me… you marked me as your conquest… I see nothing but darkness… how am I supposed to love you when the me I know I no longer know… how am I  supposed to understand your feelings and wants?

… when you made me feel like an un lovable mess… just how am I supposed to move on..

….from this signals that keeps spinning…


Junne: Come just a little closer and I’ll tell you, how fiery I want this to be,

…so the sun will hide when she sees how brightly we burn for each other.

I did not ask you to be perfect…

I want you just as you are, broken and all. All i ask is you just hold my hand, show me you want me, just as I want you. Is that too much?

To ask to be loved by the one person my heart beats for?


Chuck: …Is that too little to ask of a broken man?

Would holding my hand make you feel whole… would the moon come closer to our window while I make you scream my name from low to high pitches..

this is real, this is now…

For I am lost in myself and,

I hope I find me before you do for I am terrified of what you may do to the rest of this pieces…

… hence in peace or pieces I run…. for I do not understand why we could never understand one another


Junne:  And my heart bleeds as he walks away, trampling on the pieces of me and letting him get away. Alas, it maybe for the better,

…loving a broken man was a path I chose.

I am no longer whole,

for he took the very piece that could have held us together.

With my back turned to him, I am now a broken woman.

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