We are always on the lookout for new writing, so send us your work. Be rest assured that we read and respond to every submission we receive. This page is for general all year round submissions. Visit the Magazine Submission Page if you are interested in entering for the Biannual Literary Magazine. For general submissions and ebook authors, read on below.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Send submissions by filling the form below.
  2. We accept fiction, poetry, essays, Non-Fiction, Screen Plays.
  3. We accept submissions that have been published elsewhere but writers grant CFW publishing rights.
  4. Simultaneous submissions are fine. All we ask is that you notify us when your work is accepted elsewhere.
  5. Be conscious of the fact that you are writing for an online audience, so keep things short, sharp, and exciting. Suggested word count:
    1. Fiction and Non-Fiction: no more than 2500 words
    2. Poetry, Prose – Try not to make it boring
    3. Same rule in 2 above applies to other submissions.
  6. You retain the copyright of your work.
  7. Be advised that we will edit your work and sometimes change the title.
  8. There is no assurance that your submissions will be accepted, we would only accept submissions that adhere to basic rules of grammar.
  9. As much as we encourage various writers to just write, we would still employ some quality control.
  10. If your work is not published simply write another.

Ebook Listing (Only for ebooks)

If you want your ebook published and listed on the cfwriterz webshop, submissions are now made here on cfwriterz website:

  1. Ensure you are registered on this website.
  2. Visit the Author Publish page.
  3. Register to be a vendor if you are not one already.
  4. Once approved login again to add new products.
  5. Your vendor view allows you to track sales and monitor your ebooks.

If you find the process above is too difficult to navigate and you need help, Visit the services page to consider our publishing options. Send queries to hello@cfwriterz.com. Send a reminder email after a week if your book is not published yet. After completing 1-5, check the self-publishing instructions here. 


  • Writers are encouraged to share the links to their published stories to feature on the leaderboard seen at the bottom of every page on this site. Top writers stand a better chance of reaching more people.
  • Ensure you login and update your profile before submitting to ensure readers see your bio.
  • We do not receive general submissions here while the June/December Magazine submissions are on.

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