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Broken by Julius Tunde Ige

Broken is a collection of emotionally built, psychologically connected collection of poems that metaphorically, figuratively talk about abuses, traumas, suffered from emotional distress and sociological factors. Each poem is written to reflect the poet’s unique style ...
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Lines, Crooked like the Nile

Lines, Crooked like the Nile is a collection of poems filled with imagery and garnished with the condiments of other necessary literary figures that make poetry what it is. The poems encapsulate themes such as love, ...
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The Rebel in Me

The Rebel in me is a collection of poems. The author believes that for every person we know, there’s a person inside them we do not know. Hence the title. The Rebel in me consists poems ...
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A whole lot of work, effort and actions are implanted into starting a relationship. It starts with something very close to perfection then graduates to absurdities and then finally, separation. In every form of creation, opposite ...
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Chasing 25 in Shadows by Orowale Samuel Kolapo

Chasing 25 in Shadows is a collection of over 50 poems that evoke deep emotions and sentiments. The lines are inspired by real experiences and they could drown the reader in moments of ecstasy and power. Orowale ...
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Psalms of a Broke Guy

  Psalms of a Broke Guy is a collection of poems. In an era, where love measures its carat on quids and new currencies – cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, The Billion Coin (TBC) and Ethereum, this collection is ...
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