This is all you need to know about cfwriterz literary blog. We are part of a business entity “CF Brands and Media PR Services, and this is registered in Nigeria. This platform publishes stories, poems, articles and ebooks written by Africans. We also promote them through our social network.

Got literary Skills?

Its scary enough that there is so little time to write and so much to say, you need an audience that allows you to fail, get up again and try. We would like to showcase exceptional Nigerian and African writers. We have two core values:

  1. Quality writing should earn you a living.
  2. Be free to tell your story.

We want to be the ultimate repository for the next generation’s literary collections.

We will be publishing the periodical CFW-Magazine, writers are allowed to send in their works for promotion via the submissions page and if you would like to place your Ebook, Novel in PDF format on the SHOP contact the admin by following the instructions on the submissions page and sending a cover letter with it in the email.


Here are a few things writers in our community can do to promote sales and improve their audience reach.

  1. Request a press release on this platform: Send in a press release through the submission page, that would attract readers to your book release. Please follow the instructions for publishing with us and send in your press release.
  2. Collaborate with other members on our facebook community to help you promote your book.
  3. Submit posts regularly on this platform to generate interest of our readers.
  4. Share your posts and book links with your friends and contacts.


We offer writing services; content creation, curation and promotion for websites, blogs, E-books, Review Sites and any other kind of content you want. We will be glad to help you recruit volunteer or paid writers from our community, if you are interested in having their skill set on your content development team. Visit the Hire a Writer page to place a request.




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