We offer writing and Publishing services. This includes content creation, curation and promotion for websites, blogs, E-books, Review Sites. Do you need help Editing, Designing, and Publishing your Ebook? we can do this for you.

Writing Needs

  • 100% Original content.
  • Creatively crafted posts and storytelling.
  • Editing services and proofreading provided.
  • Writing community of more than 1,500 Members.
  • Select best content from various entries.

Writers are usually members of cfwriterz facebook community


  1. Editing
  2. KDP and PDF compilation.
  3. Cover Designs
  4. Publishing on Amazon and cfwriterz.

Adverts & Partnerships

We are open to sponsorship for the bi-annual magazine awards. Also you can place adverts of your events or business on this website and in our magazine publications. Every partner or sponsor get’s their logo placed on this platform and linked back to their own platforms as a form of appreciation.

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