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Girl Meets Boy

Girl meets boy is a coming of age novella about wanna be actress Ember and son of prominent actor Lucca whose first run in together does not go so well. Neither does their second. But it ...
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Broken by Julius Tunde Ige

Broken is a collection of emotionally built, psychologically connected collection of poems that metaphorically, figuratively talk about abuses, traumas, suffered from emotional distress and sociological factors. Each poem is written to reflect the poet’s unique style ...
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The Rebel in Me

The Rebel in me is a collection of poems. The author believes that for every person we know, there’s a person inside them we do not know. Hence the title. The Rebel in me consists poems ...
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Discover Stories

This ebook helps you understand stories and how to build your brand statement using storytelling skills that sell. The art of story development is a part of business and brand growth that’s gradually emerging. Adverts and commercials ...
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MISSING – By Simi Joel

NYSC is full of experiences. 'Missing' is a work of fiction woven around the lives of 'Corpers' and explores friendship, independence politics & adventure. A female Corp Member (NYSC) is kidnapped while her male friends fight ...
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