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CFW E-Magazine (Freedom)

The Magazine is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You may however choose to donate/give. Enjoy!   NOTE: Please use a different browser if you have difficulty downloading. Preferably UCBrowser or Chrome.
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Girl Meets Boy

Girl meets boy is a coming of age novella about wanna be actress Ember and son of prominent actor Lucca whose first run in together does not go so well. Neither does their second. But it ...
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Alternative Christ by Damilola Jonathan O.

This story is a satirical allegory,” it’s about the possible humanity of Christ. The conflicts, the questions he also had. The fact that people’s sentiment could push anyone towards strange paths, most times we end up pursuing ...
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A whole lot of work, effort and actions are implanted into starting a relationship. It starts with something very close to perfection then graduates to absurdities and then finally, separation. In every form of creation, opposite ...
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Raped at a tender age, Etel’s life took a spiraling downward turn when she’s kicked out of home by her parents and the community that was meant to protect her. Abandoned and with no help she ...
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The Rebel in Me

The Rebel in me is a collection of poems. The author believes that for every person we know, there’s a person inside them we do not know. Hence the title. The Rebel in me consists poems ...
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