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The Colours In These Leaves

“The Colours In These Leaves” is an autobiographical, unfiltered and complexly woven narrative about the human condition. Rendered in unconventional Prose, nonconforming Poetry and a handful of ruminations, the book is a personal journey through nascent ...
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Broken by Julius Tunde Ige

Broken is a collection of emotionally built, psychologically connected collection of poems that metaphorically, figuratively talk about abuses, traumas, suffered from emotional distress and sociological factors. Each poem is written to reflect the poet’s unique style ...
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Chasing 25 in Shadows by Orowale Samuel Kolapo

Chasing 25 in Shadows is a collection of over 50 poems that evoke deep emotions and sentiments. The lines are inspired by real experiences and they could drown the reader in moments of ecstasy and power. Orowale ...
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Broken Arrows is a collection of beautifully crafted short stories. Some of the stories are focused on predominant societal problems, from the perspective of victims. Some stories are emotionally stringed together to narrate why some lovers ...
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Raped at a tender age, Etel’s life took a spiraling downward turn when she’s kicked out of home by her parents and the community that was meant to protect her. Abandoned and with no help she ...
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